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Approaching the End of Your Lease?

Are you approaching the end of your Toyota lease and want to know what to expect? Here at Toyota of Fort Worth, we offer several options for drivers in the area, whether or not you leased your Toyota vehicle from our dealership! Our finance team will walk you through all of the options that are available to you as you approach the end of your Toyota lease so you can make a decision that works for your budget and lifestyle.

Option 1:

Return your leased vehicle & either buy or lease a new one

Many Fort Worth drivers choose to return a leased vehicle at the completion of the leasing period to either buy or lease a new car. There are typically costs associated with returning a leased Toyota, including any excessive wear and mileage fees that you will need to take into consideration before opting to purchase a new vehicle. While this is the easiest option for getting behind the wheel of a brand new Toyota, it is not the only solution available to lessees in the area. Another option is to purchase your leased Toyota so that you can continue to enjoy your vehicle with available low financing rates and our extended protection plans. Most Toyota vehicles can last for many years as well as retain value with routine service and repairs, and if you are pleased with your car, purchasing it at the end of your lease could be an excellent option.

Option 2:

Return you leased Toyota to us even though you didn't originally lease it from here

You can also return your leased Toyota to our dealership whether you leased it from us initially or found it elsewhere. If you choose to return your leased Toyota to us, we can take care of the paperwork and help you navigate the end-of-term obligations, for any outstanding payments, excess wear and use, excessive miles, and more.

Option 3:

Purchase your lease Toyota

If you are going to buy your leased vehicle there is no need to have it inspected, since there are no end-of-term obligations to worry about. With this option you will continue benefiting from your leased Toyota along with the available low financing rates and extended protection plans.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Toyota Lease and Find an End of Lease Option That Works for You

At Toyota of Fort Worth, we make it easy for drivers to select the right option to best suit their transportation needs. When you are ready to consider all of the end-of-lease options that are available to you, call us at (800) 926-0754 or make the drive over to visit us at 9001 Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, TX 76116 to discuss your questions and concerns. We want you to make an empowered decision and will work with you to find a satisfactory solution so you can enjoy the perks of Toyota ownership for years to come.

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